I wanted this blog, website, whatever you want to call it (but I MADE it, it’s a website!), to be a vessel for honest perspectives. It’s time someone sheds light on the REAL growing pains of obtaining a fulfilling relationship, gender equality, and an existence you can be proud of.

I happen to have a bunch to share about all of the above…and then some.

So allow me to add my experiences to your emotional bookshelf. No fluff, only Nina — giving it to you straight.

If your heart is broken, you need a kick in the ass, or want proof there’s another soul who has gone through life’s deck of crazy cards (it’s me!), then this blog website is for you.

(PRETTY PLEASE NOTE: I am not a certified life coach, relationship counselor, or therapist. My words are strictly my opinions. My guest posts are solely my writers’ opinions; I do not necessarily share their views. Have a laugh, take what you’d like from Ninaland, but always follow what fits YOU.)

NINA grew up in New York until 2010 when she decided to drive 3,000 miles to Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides. She is a fierce video producer + digital strategist, loves rock n’ roll, and is a fond believer of loving the shit out of yourself.