How To Get Over a Funk

pupIt’s been mopefest city in Nina land, and frankly, I am tired of it. In case you too have been feelin’ the funk sans James Brown, I have a few suggestions to help you push forward and survive the lows…whenever they surface.

I should preface these tips deal A LOT with forcing yourself to do something, which is the biggest stepping stone of all when you’re down. If you’re not ready to give yourself some tough lovin’, I suggest a good night’s rest with an open mind tomorrow. This post will still be here!


Yoga is boring! Oh no you didn’t. Toss that notion out of your head and forget what you’ve tried in the past. I admit, Pilates was my first love. However, with my mind not up to snuff (does anyone say this anymore?), I needed a routine that exercised BOTH body and soul. If working out isn’t your cup of extracurricular, I’m only asking for twenty minutes. Yoga with Adriene is my favorite gal when needing to detox the funk out of my system. Adriene also allows for self-expression and laughter with her routines, so they go by quickly while staying just as effective. Bottom line is, you must force yourself to get the yoga ball rolling, because once you do, I guarantee your mind will feel lighter and more at ease. (Tried it and yoga STILL ain’t your style? Alright, go on a color run…you crazy hipster, you.)


As much as I love the written word, I rarely take time to read as often as I used to. That’s why I suggest escaping from the media world and reading for thirty minutes to an hour. But Hulu is right there, waiting for me! I know, darling, but Hulu doesn’t lift the mind and soul, it pushes them further into sulking quicksand. One of the reasons we sometimes feel down is because we aren’t using our brainpower…at all. We get caught in a routine of nothingness which makes it harder to pull away from once we’re in the thick of it. So lounge around, but let your brain get used to being active again. Start a book that’s been sitting on your eReader (you paid money for it, after all) and get to Chapter 2. Don’t force yourself to read something you would never think of picking up at a bookstore. ENJOY the content. Get lost in words. It won’t kill you.


Whether you’re a writer, actor, or froyo flavor-maker, you can’t tell me it doesn’t feel good when you finish a task associated with an outlet. When you’re feeling low, set a small goal for yourself and make sure it gets done by the end of the day or week. It could be something as simple as buying new art for your apartment or doing a load of laundry — ANYthing that restores a piece of your hectic life. Working towards a task may be the last thing the bummed out version of you wants to do, but it’s better than disappearing while the rest of your world remains stagnant. Subtle improvements will take the edge off of bigger problems you may be facing. Not to mention you’ll also regain confidence that not all is lost and you are still able to accomplish something. The small stuff still feels good. Don’t forget that.


At the end of the day, we sometimes need to let go of the emotional grasp we have on ourselves. We can’t control when we’ll have a bad day or month. When your insides are a mess, it’s important to allow yourself to feel this way; recognize these feelings are happening for a reason. The natural ups and downs in life are what develop our best traits, allowing us to recognize how much strength we have inside. Gratitude also follows suit in this discovery. I can’t stress enough how important it is to acknowledge what you have so you don’t regret the forward current when a funk comes along. Even in murky waters, your life is still worth living.

I know I’m sounding like the “self help” section, but I wholeheartedly believe the less we fight our emotional turmoil and accept this is the way our lives are at the moment, the more peace WE gain and the quicker our lives get back on track. Your soul knows when it’s time to feel and move on. Trust it, but be proactive in helping yourself along the way…

Want more inspiring tips? Check out my article, “5 Ways To Love The Shit Out Of Yourself” on Honesty For Breakfast.

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