So Long, Barbie

barbietestI recently read an article explaining how letting go of control helps find happiness. The female in me initially winced at this idea, but quickly realized how damn true it is. For the things you possibly cannot predict or change, lack of control is necessary. Otherwise, you might as well be miming an existence with Matel dolls.

Last week, I would haven given up a limb or a year of my life to make sure the answers were to my liking. However, I’m realizing I would rather keep all my limbs and spend an extra year knowing I did what I wanted to do, and those who were in my life did the exact same. Why wish change upon something that isn’t natural? That doesn’t knock you off your feet and fling you into romance, or success, or anything you long for? Life is fleeting, we all know that. What isn’t fleeting, what sticks between the creases of your forehead, are the consequences. Whether he said “yes”, whether an opportunity arose, whether a big move was necessary. If you manipulated anything that wasn’t yours to decide, you’re allowing yourself to live a lie.

I could ramble on this topic some more, but my point is when the guy says “yes”, when the opportunity is offered, when the big move is made — life will taste sweeter. Sweeter because every good thing that happens will be while I was alive, not forcing everything else to breathe. It’s time to quit playing Barbie and live solely as Nina…plus the pink car.

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