Press Release: #NoSelfieWeek Starts Millennial Conversation

NoSelfieWeek_InstagramBlogger Launches Challenge Eliminating Selfies For One Week

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 18, 2014 – Candid relationship blogger, Nina Elcao, is launching a challenge daring her millennial generation to give up selfies for one week. The challenge begins June 23rd and will run until June 29th.

“No-selfie” participants must use hashtags #NoSelfieWeek and #FlipTheLens, a call-to-action to turn the camera around on other moments in their lives. Two winners who successfully master this social task will win a catchy shirt promoting the cause and be featured on Nina’s website, Oh Hey, Nina. The rest will start the conversation about self-esteem and social media, Nina predicts. “I’d like to bring awareness to those who don’t think twice about what they’re posting and how it’s affecting them. If some have difficulty following through with this challenge, I want them to reflect on why. Nothing is black and white, and every social practice surrounding our culture should be questioned and talked about.”

Nina has already kicked off awareness with daily, twenty-second promos outlining the humor behind selfies. “I am still on the fence regarding social media culture,” Nina mentions. “I think it’s fantastic young women are confident posting pictures of themselves with no makeup, but if that insta-validation is replacing self-worth, that’s where I get nervous.” You can catch a new promo every day leading up to the event here:

Will you accept the challenge?

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