What I Think Of Valentine’s Day

I’ll be the first to admit, having someone to spend a lovey-dovey holiday with is amazing (blame the romantic Leo in me), but at the same time, you must also treat yourself just as amazing. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, feminine, manly, or a little bit of everything — you need to have a venti-size amount of love for yourself that if you sat across the table from you, you wouldn’t be able to look away, because you’re THAT enamored with the person you are and becoming. You’re THAT invested in the longest commitment of your life: your own (incredible and worthy) self.

So, as the romantic Leo takes the floor again, I encourage you to squeeze the shit out of your partner for the last 30 minutes of this day, but when you rest your eyes after that fantastic “sexy time” (which could just entail a heart-shaped pizza from what your instagrams are revealing), I want you to say, “Self, I fucking love you, too. Thank you for existing. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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