ASK NINA: “When Do I Give Up?”

no post itsOn Fridays, I’ll be answering your questions about life and love. DISCLAIMER: I am not a “professional” advice columnist (who actually is?). My words are strictly opinions peppered with humor.
THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: “How do I know when it’s time to give up?”

I ask myself this same question on a regular basis. My answer doesn’t change.

You don’t give up. Even when you assume the world is against everything you’re doing. Even when you’ve had a crappy week and the stars won’t align to make it better just yet. You don’t give up. You keep running. You keep writing. You keep putting it out there. You keep getting out of bed. Whatever it is that you’ve dedicated your time and your heart to — you WILL continue to do it. I am well aware of low points, especially ones that last for months. A dip into the harder valleys of your journey isn’t a hint to pass up what you really want. It’s life getting food poisoning. It’s sitting on the bench while you figure out how to cater differently to your goals and your needs.

Whenever you’re hung over, or you’re sick, or you’re heartbroken — what do you say? I’m never drinking again. I’m never eating again. I’ll never love again. What happens weeks after? You find a way to indulge in all of those things once more, then once more after that. Your body and mind eventually get you back to what you know and what you know is to never give up. So why are you asking me? I believe in you so hard. Go freaking get ’em.

  • Stephanie
    May 4, 2014

    Needed this. 🙂

    • Nina
      May 4, 2014

      Anytime you do, I’ll be here! xo

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