“Women DO love sex!” – Interview with Asha Dahya from GirlTalkHQ

ashaI conned fellow sassy blogger, Asha Dahya (Founder and Editor-in-Chief of GirlTalkHQ) into answering questions about her relationships and views on love. You won’t believe what she says (and you’ll dig it).

“All You Need is Love.” Are The Beatles right?

YES! I grew up in a Christian household, and despite what some crazies in the media say (thanks Westboro Baptist church…) the thing I was taught the most was to love. I believe we as human beings are created to love and be loved. Being in love is the most rewarding feeling in the world, there is nothing that can compare. Being part of a loving family is invaluable. Having friends who love you is the best thing ever! Ergo, love rocks!

No filter. What advice would you give young women regarding relationships and self-love?

Stay away from the bad boys. If you can’t help yourself, then know you cannot “tame” him, but will learn so much about guys and heartbreak by being with someone like that. Oh, and don’t date musicians, trust me, it’s just a fad you will get over.

How has this advice changed from five years ago?

I was a completely different person who thought I had it all together. I had just married a guy who I thought was the love of my life and whom I would be with forever. The thing is, I had the wrong perspective, and put emphasis on the wrong things. I learned through it all that the small, everyday things really matter, and taking your time to find out more about a person is the best way to prevent heartbreak!

What was the most challenging moment you’ve had in a relationship and how did you kick its ass?

I gotta say the divorce. I don’t like to say “my divorce” because it’s no longer part of my life and it doesn’t own me. I kicked its ass by not giving up on myself, taking time to heal, and surrounding myself with the right type of love and advice from people I trusted. Also, my faith in God was so paramount to me, and it was in that time I realized why I value it so much.

In your opinion, what would make finding a companion a better endeavor?

Better and realistic advice. Take your time. Look for the small things. Find out what you value and don’t compromise, no matter how good-looking or popular they are! Being more secure in yourself above all else.

Reveal a secret men don’t know about women.

We do love sex. A lot!

“Love the shit out of yourself” is my favorite phrase for empowering young females to accept themselves (whether in a relationship or not). What’s yours?

Be whole. Don’t enter a relationship looking for it to complete you, it will only end up in disaster. Being alone is not the same as being lonely.

GirlTalkHQ is hip, girly, and oozes strength. I admire you immensely. Thank you for being you and divulging more Asha to our readers.

Thank you for featuring me on your blog! My whole mission is to be part of a rising generation of women aiming to empower one another through whatever means they have. My website is a daily news media site where girls and women can go every day and find a story or blog post that will inspire them. The difference between my site and others is that it is filled with positive messages. We are gossip, slander and bitch free. So please check us out! We are also on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Youtube.

Asha Dahya is a TV host and blogger. Indian by ethnicity, born in the UK, raised in Australia and residing in Hollywood, Asha is a true millennial woman. She has hosted shows for Fox, MTV, MSN, Disney, Nickelodeon, TV Guide, MySpace, has worked behind the scenes on 5 season of America’s Next Top Model, and is the creator & editor-in-chief of women’s empowerment news media site GirlTalkHQ.com.

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